Learning Tools

Where all your learning tools come together.
Course Builder
Our modern build-in course builder enables you to quickly create online, blended and classroom training. No coding skills required, if you can use MS PowerPoint, you can use our course builder.
Course Library
Create a library where people can browse and access courses. Share your library easily on other platforms (like your intranet) and make learning available where your learners are.
Learning Journeys
Learning Journeys give people a clear overview of which courses they need to complete in order to complete the Learning Journey. Often used for onboarding new hires.
Knowledge Base
Make learning materials available outside of courses. People can search and browse to find answers and learn.
The Gamification feature enables you to add points to courses and a leaderboard to stimulate competition between users.
The Explore tool enables personalized AI powered YouTube video recommendations based on your learning.
Share Learning
Stimulate social learning in your organisation and enable people to share their own learning content with others.
Automatically issue PDF certificates to people who successfully completed the course. Custom text and design.
And much more...
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All your L&D tools and data in one easy-to-use platform.

L&D professionals have a tough job. You’re juggling multiple platforms that are powerful but difficult to use. As a result, you spent too much time fussing with the tools, instead of making a difference. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

With edloomio, all your L&D tools and data are on one easy-to-use, powerful platform. You’ll save valuable time and get all the context you need to provide personalized learning experience for all colleagues, partners or customers.

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Learning how to use the platform is a walk in the park. But how to create an interactive and engaging course? What makes a solid onboarding experience for new hires? We are here to help. Together with our partners we have created templates, guides and webinars to help you really make a difference.

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